Architekturbüro Sture Larsen

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Field of work

Sture Larsen is an independent architect working in Vorarlberg, Austria.  His most outstanding works have been focused on solar and low-energy buildings, which achieved extremely low energy consumption values.  The first extreme solar house, completed in 1985, only needed 15 kw/m2*a for space heating.  His work with developing methods of building affordable low energy housing brought him several awards beginning with the  Binding Award for Environmental Conservation, 1989, and culminating in the Austrian State Award for Energy Research in 1997.  The architectural design is clear and simple and frequently shows signs of his Scandinavian heritage.

His building projects lead to further work related to solar architecture such as consulting work for institutions for energy conservation, numerous lectures for professionals and research work for the International Energy Agency such as "Solar Air Systems" (IEA Task 19) and "Sustainable Solar Housing" (IEA Task 28).

Besides his work as an architect, he currently teaches architectural design and thermal building physics at local technical school, the HTL Rankweil.