Architekturbüro Sture Larsen

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Frei House


The Frei house is situated in the foothills on the sunny side of a major alpine valley, in Vorarlberg.  During the monitoring season fo 1995/96 only 55 days of auxiliary heating were registered.

The house incorporates an air collector, a rock bed and hollow core constructions for storage and distribution, leaving a yearly requirement for only 17.6 kWh/m²a for auxiliary heat in an average season.  The system has minimum of technical equipment, simple controls and only one fan. The back-draught dampers are self-operating.  Another attribute is the high level of thermal comfort provided by the radiant heat from the hypocausts. A wood stove in the cellar can supply hot air to the hypocausts if required.  The larger part of the domestic hot water is solar heated by a heat exchanger in the duct from the air collector.

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